Benefits of Hiring

Digital Marketing Consultant

Just think of time which you can invest on your business. It’s not only sales, marketing, or advertising is key elements of any organization. HR, finance, and operations are also equally important. Until these departments don’t function properly than what’s the use of promoting your business.


Expert Guidance which maximizes output and minimizes costs incurred


Diversity of Ideas from Experienced People maximizes your campaigns


Focus on increased revenue increases your business profits


No need to hire full-time employees resulting into minimum payout burden


Independent and unbiased advice results in to optimized marketing campaigns


Update you on latest industry trends and updates your business from competition


Can start or Terminate contract as per requirement


Maintain Business Relevancy focus on your industry specially


Utilize the power of storytelling builds strong social bonding with customers

Key Services as

Digital Marketing Consultant In Delhi

Content Writing

Attract, acquire, and engage your target audience by creation and distribution of relevant content.

Funnel Marketing

You can potentially drive greater sales by knowing your customer journey of different stages.

Lead Generation

We generate leads that can be your pontential customers and that increase your sales and revenue.



We do Search Engine Optimisation that converts your casual website vistors into paying customers.


SMM Social Media Marketing to find and attract your potential customers that will grow your ROI 10x. 


We provide deep data analysis of your business that will help you to go with the best strategies to grow.

Web Design

We design and develop modern and professional website for businesses that attract you potential customer.

Webmaster Tools

Webmasters expert to check indexing status and optimize visibility of your websites. 

Website Audit

We can audit your existing website and find changes you should do on your website strategically.

Dinesh Jangid

What a Digital Marketing Consultant do for you?

A Digital Marketing Consultant performs various functions on your behalf to carry out your business smoothly. You can raise ask for the list of tasks which he will perform for you.


Creates Business Strategy & Manages all course of actions


Constantly monitors the active Digital Marketing Campaigns


Collect all relevant information for your campaign in your industry


Rectifies if any corrections are required for your business


Responsible for Implementing Marketing Campaigns


Manages every step and responsible for overall campaign performance

Clients about us


Since these 2 years I am associated with him for various promotions of our products using digital marketing. As a client of his Digital Marketing Services. Just one word “WOW”.

Vishal Kumar Jain

Creative Designer

As a cosmetics brand Business Head we joined hands with this team few months before. We have increased our business multiple folds using their strategies and support.

Priyanka Thakur


Every business owner tracks the results of any marketing activity along with proper real time ROI data analytics. They have precise marketing strategies with clear focus on  target achievement.

Sunil Jindal

Financial Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Digital Marketing work for all Businesses?

Digital Marketing is like a master chef recipe, which fits well with any kind of dish you like. Therefore, Digital Marketing is useful to every Business of any industry and of any size.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi NCR may provide you such strategies, which can indeed help you to grow your business. A Digital Marketing Advisor in Delhi will help you in formulating a low cost Brand Strategy that can increase brand awareness, your profits and lower down the costs and expenses incurred on daily basis.

We may broadly Categorize Modern Businesses in to two categories:

  • B2B Business
  • B2C Business

B2B Businesses are completely dependent on the Industrial Buyers here only the industrial or business social media platforms can perform well to attract your Industrial Buyer. For Example LinkedIn is a social Media platform, which can assist you to find the right customer for you.

B2B Businesses needs Business Owner who can buy their products or subsidiaries who can work for them for various other materials like raw materials, spare parts, or other finished goods, which used for final assembly of the products.

Another form of B2B in services sector is outsourcing the third party services for verification of various services like loan applicant, credit card applicant or others.

In B2B Businesses,

Every Digital Marketing effort focused on lead generation with end target as converting the leads into the actual buyers. Here the leads through your website supports your other social media platform to actually convert them.

Under B2C Businesses:

Primarily focused on the end consumers for the final product or services consumption. Digital Media Marketing performs superb in this segment.


It completely depends on the price point of your products or services as compared to the competition. However, if you are performing well on social media platforms your products or services may perform well when compared to competitors.

In this segment of Business B2C can primarily focus on the Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We should focus these platforms because every person in this world is a consumer of products which he/ she likes or can buy as per budget.


How can we ignore them, since every person is now on social media websites?

Therefore, if we see the impact of Digital Marketing on businesses may revolutionize the sales department of any business.

If that business manages the Digital Marketing Strategy well.

Benefits of Digital Marketing to Business or Company:

You can measure the statistics of each moment of your business using Digital Marketing.

You can drive more traffic to your website/ blog.

We can exactly count the number of people visiting our website or social media platforms.

You can create lead generation mechanisms and finally convert them into the actual customers.

What Is A Digital Marketing Brand Strategy?

A Systematic and well-planned set of activities, which implemented through various social media and web platforms with a clear vision on the brand position, values and vision is a Brand Strategy.


Plan your brand strategy with clear focus on brand positioning else, you will lose the target or desired result and will waste whole resources.


To achieve this Dinesh Jangid Team will assist you in every aspect of your Digital Marketing Brand Strategy. You can contact via calls, messages or email etc.

Do I need a huge budget for increase business?

As far as the Budget for a Digital Marketing Strategy is concerned, it completely depends upon the kind of elements you want them to be part of your strategy.

Every Business has limited resources and scarcity of financial assistance. However, with the help of Digital Marketing you can decide how much to spend on which part.

Every Digital Marketing has two types of techniques:

  • Inbound Techniques
  • Your Digital Marketing Advisor works on SEO, Social Media optimization, or Content Creation.
  • These techniques focus on the website and its content as per the algorithms of search engines.
  • You directly pay to the Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi or anywhere in the world.
  • Outbound Techniques
  • These techniques used to get instant results for the business and these are paid advertisements on various social media platforms.
  • Apart from the paid advertising, we must focus on the organic reach primarily. Because it will help you in long run.

Let us take an example of a new business, which wants to grow with the help of digital marketing.

First, we need to create a website for which we need a Domain Name and Hosting.

Secondly, we need to use a CMS or any custom code for developing a website. Use proper plugins to create nice user experience and fabulous user interface.

Create content in the website with the help of images, quality text, infographics, and videos.

Optimize content use Search engine optimization techniques.

Create social media presence and post quality content daily on social media.

Try to build an engagement for your potential buyers who can convert into actual buyers.

If you can afford the paid advertisement campaigns then you must go on ahead with that for quicker results.

However, keep a constant watch over your campaigns to run it successfully and achieve the desired results.

Importance of Digital Marketing for a Business?

Experts say if your business is not on digital platform in current era. You are not even in the race.

We may explain it further like this.


Just imagine number of people using social media platforms. Number of people daily active on these platforms. Now just think about your target audience. Once again that is also on these social media platforms.


Then how can you keep your business in isolation. I mean if your business is not on these platforms. You are out of the competition or business simply you can understand.

How long will it take to see results from my content?

Digital Marketing is a great technique by which you can identify your potential buyers and finally converting them into the actual customers.

Compared to Offline or Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing has an upper hand for measuring actual Return on Investment, real time data analytics to measure the effectiveness of any Digital Marketing Campaign.


The effectiveness of any Digital Marketing Campaign depends upon the scale, penetration strategy, and brand strategy.

My content has power to display the wonderful visible results in real time. You can check the effectiveness by checking the engagement, reach and leads generated as per the strategy formulated with your approval.

We can create branding strategy on following aspects especially on organic searches and Paid Advertising results.

Looking into the organic part, we may see the visible results within the period of 3 month to 6 months. Which again depends upon the Search Engine Optimization Keyword Difficulty.

As everything is digital and can be monitored with real time analytics, you can ask reports for tasks e have performed till the time of our brand strategy working for you.


As you know, money has power like giants.

Therefore, Paid Digital marketing has power to highlight visible results immediately.

If we keep Paid advertising as part of our Digital Marketing Strategy, the results are very frequent to see. However, we recommend the organic part must be as a part of our brand strategy.

Does Digital Marketing Consultant serves to any brand

Dinesh Jangid as a Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi NCR provides an array of services including Website Audit, Content writing and optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Online reputation Management, PPC Campaign, Email Marketing, Brand Strategy, Mobile App Marketing, Facebook and Google Advertisements and many more.

What is the work Process of Digital Marketing?

The complexity is the world Digital marketing itself. We may simplify it for you it refers to business promotion through various online tools like SMM, Blogs, Video Marketing or Content Marketing. Little expensive way out is PPC Campaigns or Google or Facebook Ads.

Why hire digital marketing consultant in Delhi NCR?

Mostly, Business owners are busy with their daily business routine. Which forces them to outsource few tasks from an expert agency or digital marketing consultants. In Fact, an expert search engine optimization consultant serves you for maximum visibility on search engine result page. The best solution to this situation is to tie up or hire Dinesh Jangid as a Freelancer or a Digital Marketing consultant in Delhi NCR.  

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