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Common Questions

What Is A Digital Marketing Brand Strategy?

A Systematic and well-planned set of activities, which implemented through various social media and web platforms with a clear vision on the brand position, values and vision is a Brand Strategy. Plan your brand strategy with clear focus on brand positioning else, you will lose the target or desired result and will waste whole resources. To achieve this Dinesh Jangid Team will assist you in every aspect of your Digital Marketing Brand Strategy. You can contact via calls, messages or email etc.

How long will it take to see results from my content?

Digital Marketing is a great technique by which you can identify your potential buyers and finally converting them into the actual customers. Compared to Offline or Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing has an upper hand for measuring actual Return on Investment, real time data analytics to measure the effectiveness of any Digital Marketing Campaign. Moreover, The effectiveness of any Digital Marketing Campaign depends upon the scale, penetration strategy, and brand strategy. My content has power to display the wonderful visible results in real time. You can check the effectiveness by checking the engagement, reach and leads generated as per the strategy formulated with your approval. We can create branding strategy on following aspects especially on organic searches and Paid Advertising results. Looking into the organic part, we may see the visible results within the period of 3 month to 6 months. Which again depends upon the Search Engine Optimization Keyword Difficulty. As everything is digital and can be monitored with real time analytics, you can ask reports for tasks e have performed till the time of our brand strategy working for you. Indeed, As you know, money has power like giants. Therefore, Paid Digital marketing has power to highlight visible results immediately. If we keep Paid advertising as part of our Digital Marketing Strategy, the results are very frequent to see. However, we recommend the organic part must be as a part of our brand strategy.

What a Digital Marketing Consultant serves to any brand or startup?

Dinesh Jangid as a Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi NCR provides an array of services including Website Audit, Content writing and optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Online reputation Management, PPC Campaign, Email Marketing, Brand Strategy, Mobile App Marketing, Facebook and Google Advertisements and many more.

What is the work Process of Digital Marketing?

The complexity is the world Digital marketing itself. We may simplify it for you it refers to business promotion through various online tools like SMM, Blogs, Video Marketing or Content Marketing. Little expensive way out is PPC Campaigns or Google or Facebook Ads.

What is the importance of Digital Marketing for a Business?

Experts say if your business is not on digital platform in current era. You are not even in the race. We may explain it further like this. Just imagine number of people using social media platforms. Number of people daily active on these platforms. Now just think about your target audience. Once again that is also on these social media platforms. Then how can you keep your business in isolation. I mean if your business is not on these platforms. You are out of the competition or business simply you can understand.

Ok! I am ready to try digital marketing for my business. Now what next?

Sounds Good. Looks like you are a quick decision maker and really wants to grow your business with a zeal to create a brand for long run. As far as Digital Marketing is concerned let me give a chance to explain you the complete strategy over a cup of coffee. We recommend you to focus on your desired objective or target for which you want to run digital marketing strategy. Keep a clear focus on vision and values of your business and decide the target. Share the complete sheet with us.

Happy Customers

Since these 2 years I am associated with Dinesh Jangid’s Team for various promotions of our products using digital marketing. As a customer of Dinesh Jangid’s Digital Marketing Services. Just one word…. “WOW”

As a cosmetics brand Business Head we joined hands with this team few months before. We have increased our business multiple folds using their strategies and support.

Every business owner tracks the results of any marketing activity along with proper real time ROI data analytics. They have precise marketing strategies with clear focus on  target achievement.

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