Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultant in India

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Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Since the field of digital marketing is in the phase of newborn baby in India. Digital Marketing in India is just started growing as it attracted the focus of Indian Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and the E-Commerce Industry.

With the rise of digital marketing in India. The demand for the best digital marketing consultant in India started rising at a very fast pace. So the requirements of Digital Marketing Trainers in India and the Digital Marketing Consultants in India for the Indian businessmen, entrepreneurs, and online sales specialists.

Digital marketing is at the top in terms of growth today. Research shows that 96% of Indian marketers exhibit confidence in digital marketing tactics for staying ahead in the competitive race.

Under the present-day scenario, no business can even dare to think about survival without digital marketing practices. I hope you can understand the scarcity of Digital Marketing Consultants in India. Since the field is new so the availability of well qualified, experienced, and reliable Digital Marketing Consultants in India is also scarce.

I have listed here the Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India for your reference. I am providing you with the best use and get the results with the help of these digital marketing consultants in India.

Since the scarcity is already there.

So you can imagine that these top 10 digital marketing consultants in India will be among the busiest or based on a large team of digital marketers for the completion of tasks that you looking forward to as their part of services.

Kindly go through the list of top 10 digital marketing consultants in India as below.

The key benefits of digital Marketing

  1. A new career
  2. Target as per industry
  3. Huge earning potential
  4. Great for customer acquisition
  5. In depth analysis
  6. Targeting is unique.
  7. Very economical
  8. Maintains Customer Relevancy
  9. No spam
  10. Amazing campaign tracking

Factors which should be kept in mind before selecting a digital marketing consultant in India.

  • Service Quality
  • Total Experience
  • Project Portfolio
  • Clients Testimonials
  • Ratings on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

List of Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Here we provided the list of 10 best digital marketing consultant in India, who provided the best class services. They provide the best affordable services and give the best result. They also save the client valuable time and money also.

  • Dinesh Jangid
  • Rohit Kharayat
  • Sorav Jain
  • Mridul Kabra
  • Ananthanarayanan V
  • Prasant Naidu
  • Himanshu Arora
  • Lakshmipathy Bhat
  • Jitendra Vaswani
  • Jainendra Singh

First out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid is a revolutionary digital marketing trainer & consultant. Dinesh Jangid has a total experience of more than 8 years. He keeps in the futuristic field of Digital Marketing.

He is the founder and CEO of HSDM (Haryana School of Digital Marketing) and the Co-founder of edge digital media Pvt. Ltd. These are situated in Hisar (Haryana).

Dinesh Jangid has amazing soft skills as well as writing skills are mind-blowing. Google invited him for a special event and has been marked among the top 10 Digital Marketing Trainers in India.

Dinesh Jangid expresses mind-blowing concept clarity, trains people in a very polite manner with amazing techniques of training the people. Alike his teaching attitude he possesses a very humble and pleasant personality.

I know so much About Mr. Dinesh Jangid because I have seen his many youtube videos and other social media content which he publishes over almost every social media. I always try to read the comments on his posts. People say good about him and feel amazing along with him.

It has been mentioned in many comments done by his students and others who personally met him or had an interaction via social media.

He is running an Institute of Digital Marketing Institute named Haryana School of Digital Marketing which is situated in Hisar, Haryana. Students come from many districts to get trained to form him.

I recommend him among the Top 10 digital marketing trainers in India.

Second out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Rohit Kharayat

Mr. Rohit kharayat is an amazing personality having experience of almost 8 years in the field of Digital Marketing. He is also a Digital Marketing Trainer in the Haryana School of Digital Marketing along with Mr. Dinesh Jangid.

Also, he is co-founder of the Haryana School of Digital Marketing. He possesses mind-blowing skills in digital marketing he trains students in a lively environment.


always the results. He will not leave you alone without results. He is a great mentor and Digital Marketing Trainer having specialized in the following fields copywriting, Facebook ads, google ads, PPC campaigns, Paid Traffic, and many more.

He is amazing in driving traffic from various sources, targeting and re targeting them at any point and situations.

Third out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Sorav Jain

First is always first as like Sorav Jain. He has been the most successful digital marketing trainer in India.

Sorav Jain is training students in his institute Digital Scholar. He is a great mentor and digital marketing trainer as he is always behind them who he has taught or trained.

Under his guidance every student excels in his field of expertise.

He is such an amazing personality where he is providing an opportunity to the students a lifelong support.

Sorav is having about 10 years of industry experience where he has trained many people in his journey. He started his career as an SEO executive at the age of 17 years.

Fourth out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Mridul Kabra

Mridul Kabra: He Is an Architect and He Is the First Student from Malaviya National Institute of Technology to Become a Teacher and Head of the Faculty of Digital marketing.

He is associated with google and Working There as A Digital Marketing Head in the domain of Lead Generation.

By Conducting Multiple Workshops, In A Duration of One Year, He Had Communicate and Taught Almost More Than 1000 School Going and College Students On Digital Marketing organized by Upnextech in Colleges and Institutes All Over Rajasthan.

Fifth out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Ananthanarayanan V

A young and dynamic founder & CEO of Techdivine Creative Services. This is located at Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is an amazing Speaker and Corporate Trainer as

  • National & International Panels
  • Elite Academic Institutions
  • Top Organizations on Digital Marketing.

He has been awarded as Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders in 2016 by CMO ASIA & World Marketing Congress.

Sixth out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Prasant Naidu

Prasant started a career as a business analyst. Post this he started Lighthouse Insights with his wife. Prasant worked as a key Business Analyst for more than six years in Singapore, India, and the UK.

Prasant Naidu is the Founder of lighthouse insights (LI), it is a unique kind of startup that covers the stories beyond the press release. This startup LI has been listed among the top 10 Social Media blogs in 2013 by Social Media Examiner and Indi blogger both.

He believes that high-quality content always stays and pays too. In 2011, they got featured at Shareaholic. Late in 2012, his story was published in the business section of Asian Age.

Seventh out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora Is Cofounder Of Social Panga.COM  He is the Regional Trainer in Google and Program Leader of IPL and also Leading Trainer in Digital Vidya. He Is a good Digital Marketing Expert.

He Passed Out from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru

IP University Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) 2003 – 2007

Eighth out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Lakshmipathy Bhat

He is Ruling the Marketing World for 25 Years, He Mixed Traditional Advertising Tactics and New Digital Information in an Amazing Manner. Currently, He Is Head of Corporate Communications at Robosoft Technologies. This is A Leading Mobility Solutions Partner. Also, He Worked With Demanding FMCG And Had A Successful Business Growth Path In Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Bangalore, And Bangladesh.

Ninth out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani turned his idea of blogging into the real world. It was a digital marketing blog to support small businesses at their place but visible everywhere with the help of online marketing.

He is one of the Brand Ambassadors of India in abroad. He founded his digital marketing agency named digiexe.

He has immense knowledge of current and emerging trends in the digital marketing world, He also promotes the internet or e-Commerce businesses of various companies under his guidance and skyrockets analytical skills.

Tenth out of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India   – Jainendra Singh

Jainendra Singh is having an eagle’s eye towards a customer-centric approach, deep insights, strategic thinking, and analytical mindset. It proved his powerful presence in the digital marketing world. His devotion towards digital marketing spotted him the inspiration to start his marketing venture: The Digital Love.

Apart from digital marketing strategies and web designing services, he is sharing huge knowledge by providing online marketing training. He is a certified Google Adwords trainer. His extensive experience in strategic planning and business structure has helped multi-billion dollar companies across many industries.

He has immense knowledge on the topics of ROI for digital media activities, PPC campaigns, lead generation, and content distribution across popular social media and bookmarking spaces for so many years.

In the Nutshell,

Digital Marketing Consultants are rare in quantity. But, if you talk about the quality it’s even more scarce in availability. Therefore, to grab the best of class digital marketing services I would recommend you to choose any one of the above mentioned Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India.

I would like to disclose to you one more secret here that I have personally used the services of Mr. Dinesh Jangid and Mr. Rohit Kharayat. They have performed in abundance in terms of service quality, content delivery, in-depth research and analytics, detailed potential customer targeting.

The results they yield are fabulous. They have transformed the business scenario completely. But, still there is always a scope of updates in every kind of business or services. The super amazing part is they are continuously upgrading their axe in terms of digital marketing.

That’s why they top the list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in India.

Frequency Asked Question – Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Who is the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India?

There is lot of digital marketing consultant but i personally recommended mr. dinesh jangid.

What Digital Marketing Consultant In India Do?

Digital marketing consultant in India create a profitable marketing strategy for your business and make your business in profitable in short time. He also save your time and money.

What is a Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is highly professional in the field, who have years of experience and deep knowledge in the field of marketing. He every marketing tactic and strategy.


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