Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Trainers in India

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Digital Marketing Trainers in India

Digital Marketing Trainers in India is a person, who teaches skills to people or animals. He prepares his trainees for the kind of job, skill, activity, or any sport.

A Trainer is someone who is capable of delivering value to others in terms of verbal, written, or via classroom teaching under his guidance and trains them for any kind of specialized activity or skill.

Moreover, About Best Digital Marketing Trainer in India.

Let’s understand the current digital marketing scenario in India. With the evolution of 3G technology in the Tele Communication Industry, the revolution began in terms of digital marketing.

As we shifted from 3G technology to 4G the speed of the internet increased many folds but the cost of data decreased drastically due to the reason for cutthroat competition in the Indian Telecom Industry.

Furthermore, as per the next move towards 5G the internet will breakdown everything. It’s not like it will destroy, but it will take a new shape in terms of consumer behaviors and marketing strategies.

With this paradigm shift, every aspect is changing rapidly so the requirement of digital marketing has risen like a giant.

Digital Marketing is the latest industry to gauge the following aspects related to the target market and consumers.

The key benefits of digital Marketing

  1. A new field of career to choose
  2. Grab your target market as per the industry
  3. Huge earning potential
  4. Great techniques of customer acquisition
  5. Can target the potential buyers on the basis of each attribute related to them
  6. The cost of advertising is very economical
  7. Always relevant to target customer
  8. No spamming
  9. Amazing campaign tracking

Due to the above mentioned reasons the demand of digital marketing as a profession is hiked to the spike. But, for every skill to learn there must be someone who can teach you the same skill which you want to acquire.

So in terms of digital marketing skills, the field is little new to the Indian industries. Therefore, trainers related to digital marketing are very limited.


You will find everybody who has listened the word Digital Marketing is a trainer now a day. But, to learn any new skill to earn after grabbing it. You have to be trained by someone who himself has acquired all those skills.

Who is Eligible to be the Best Digital Marketing Trainers in India.

The person who trains you for skill acquisition in terms of digital marketing is called the digital marketing trainer in India.

A digital marketing trainer must have few most required characteristics as listed below

  • Deep knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Ability to learn the latest changes
  • Adapt the fast technological changes
  • No prerecorded lectures, must be in a live classroom environment
  • Must be 100 % practical training
  • Provides opportunity to students for the

Once again, due to the scarcity of digital marketing trainers in India. Only few are the best digital marketing trainers in India. We have created a list of them for your reference in the below lines.

  1. Sorav Jain
  2. Gaurav Madaan
  3. Dinesh Jangid
  4. Rohit Kharayat
  5. Digital Prateek
  6. Deepak Kanakraju
  7. Prateek Shah
  8. Pradeep Chopra
  9. Jitender Vaswani
  10. Kunal Choudhary

Sorav Jain

First is always first as like Sorav Jain. He has been the most successful digital marketing trainer in India.

Sorav Jain is training students in his institute Digital Scholar. He is a great mentor and digital marketing trainer as he is always behind them who he has taught or trained.

Under his guidance every student excels in his field of expertise.

He is such an amazing personality where he is providing an opportunity to the students a lifelong support.

Sorav is having about 10 years of industry experience where he has trained many people in his journey. He started his career as an SEO executive at the age of 17 years.

When the article was written till that time he had trained more than 3500 Professionals on various Social Media channels and had hosted more than 200 workshops and he ranks at number 1 position among the list top 10 best digital marketing trainers in India.

He believes that Digital Marketing is all about the practice.

Gaurav Madaan

Gaurav Madaan is the most experienced digital marketing trainer Gaurav Madaan is a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur who has championed the field of Digital Marketing and its practices.

He adopts digital marketing as his religion. Gaurav has trained over 100,000+ students in this complex field of Digital Marketing and his strategies have set a track for the followers and they following them as blind.

His Saas has sold in millions. It is the passion for Digital Marketing which has resulted in unmatched results. Also, he is always eager to help Business Owners, Students, and Professionals to learn, acquire, or stay up to date in terms of their skills.

Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid is a dashing digital marketing consultant & trainer. Dinesh has experience of more than 8 years in the futuristic field of Digital Marketing.

He is the founder and CEO of HSDM (Haryana School of Digital Marketing) and the Co-founder of edge digital media Pvt. Ltd. these are situated in Hisar (Haryana).

Dinesh Jangid has amazing soft skills as well as writing skills are mind-blowing. Google invited him for a special event and has been marked among the top 10 Digital Marketing Trainers in India. Dinesh Jangid expresses mind-blowing concept clarity, trains people in a very polite manner with amazing techniques of training the people. Alike his teaching attitude he possesses a very humble and pleasant personality.

I know so much About Mr. Dinesh Jangid because I have seen his many YouTube videos and other social media content which he publishes over almost every social media. I always try to read the comments on his posts. People say good about him and feel amazing along with him.

It has been mentioned in many comments done by his students and others who personally met him or had an interaction via social media.

He is running an Institute of Digital Marketing named Haryana School of Digital Marketing which is situated in Hisar, Haryana. Students come from many districts to get trained to form him.

I recommend him among the Top 10 digital marketing trainers in India.

Rohit Kharayat

Mr. Rohit kharayat is an amazing personality having experience of almost 8 years in the field og Digital Marketing. He is also a Digital Marketing Trainer in Haryana School of Digital Marketing along with Mr. Dinesh Jangid.

Also, he is co-founder of the Haryana School of Digital Marketing. He possesses mind-blowing skills in digital marketing he trains students in a lively environment. But, always the results. He will not leave you alone without results.

He is a great mentor and Digital Marketing Trainer having specialized in the following fields copywriting, Facebook ads, google ads, PPC campaigns, Paid Traffic, and many more.

He is amazing in driving traffic from various sources, targeting and re targeting them at any point and situations.

Digital Prateek

He is a 31 years old cute boy always smiling. A Virtual Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant listed among top 10 best digital marketing trainers in India.

He is India’s leading digital marketing trainer & personal brand building consultant, a crazy Social Media Influencer.

He is amazing in the influencer marketing as like his campaigns go crazily and he is passionate about that.

He is training students of digital marketing at an ease of personal coach or mentor in the field of Digital marketing.

Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah is a digital marketing trainer and works as trainer with Google India and lead trainer with AIMA (All India Management Association) and finally the Digital Vidya.

He has been spreading his warmth presence among fortune 500 companies like CNN-IBN, SBI, Hindustan Times, NTPC, and many more

In October 2015 he stepped in an institute named as Digital Defynd. He is training students over there and helping them almost every aspect.

Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra is a co-founder of Digital Vidya in 2009, the dynamic nature and response of the digital marketing industry, he realized the endless opportunities for practical training to the new aspirants.

Since that time there was lmited resources available for the training of students in India.

His aimed to start an institute which can enhance, upgrade, nurture and promote the digital marketing skills into the students willing to learn digital marketing.

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani turned his idea of blogging into the real world. It was a digital marketing blog to support small businesses at their place but visible everywhere with the help of online marketing.

He is one of the Brand Ambassadors of India in abroad. He founded his digital marketing agency named DigiExe.

He has immense knowledge of current and emerging trends in the digital marketing world, He also promotes the internet or e-commerce businesses of various companies under his guidance and skyrockets analytical skills.

Kunal Choudhary

Kunal Choudhary is the founder of the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. He established this institute in 2011. He earned huge profits and delivered over 7.5 lacs of leads and more than 8 million dollars as commission.

He developed a strategic SEO plan structure for more than 20 brands. Which generated more than 3,50,000 leads for different brands.

He had spread immense pleasure with clients like Flipkart, Fashionara, Snapdeal, Myntra, Times deals, and many more.


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