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SEO Expert in Chandigarh

Have you started a new business and wanted to rank on Google first page then you really need a SEO Expert in Chandigarh. So, here in this guide I have covered the various points that you wanted to know before the hire a SEO Expert in Chandigarh.

·   What is SEO?

·   What is a SEO Expert?

·   What Does a SEO Expert Exactly Do?

·   Services Provided by the SEO Consultant in Chandigarh

·   Tips to Hiring an SEO Consultant

·   How Much SEO Expert Charge?

·   Who is the Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

Let’s jumped in to the article

About the Author

Hi, my name is Dinesh Jangid. I have been a Digital Marketing Trainer, Consultant and SEO Specialist for the last 8 years.

I launched my first website in the year 2013, I generated a lot of traffic on my blog using SEO knowledge.

At that point I realized that SEO is the best thing to generate organic (unpaid) traffic, then I started learning as much about SEO as I could.

After years of hard work and experimentation, I had success with SEO…

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What is an SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a process to make your website according to the search engine. It will increase the quality and quantity of traffic. It is an organic or unpaid process.

SEO Expert is also known as SEO Specialist is a person who knows how to rank website keywords on Google first page (SERP).


Someone who has good experience in Search Engine Optimization and knows every tactic to optimize a website as per the search engine to get a higher ranking on the search engine result page.

Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh, India 

Searching for the Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh is not an easy task. It is as tough as searching for a lost coin in the ocean.

We understand the difficulty faced by any brand or company or start-ups looking for SEO Services from any Consultant in India.

We will have a detailed discussion about the services offered by Dinesh Jangid as the Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh. We are offering a huge array of SEO Services in Chandigarh for assistance to business owners and new entrepreneurs.

In this article, you will understand the most common queries and complex areas to tackle and resolve them with the help of an SEO Consultant in Chandigarh.

Almost every business in India is facing the problem of promoting its business or brands through Search Engine Optimization. Since the market of India is very competitive in terms of business operations and profitability.


You must be very cautious before selecting any SEO consultant, agency, or freelancer about the kind of services he offers and commits to deliver in your locality of Chandigarh.


If you are looking for the Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh then believe me you are at the right destination. Read the complete article to dig out the Search Engine Optimization Services in Chandigarh.

What Does a SEO Expert Exactly Do?

Basically an SEO Expert in Chandigarh making and creating SEO strategies for business websites in order that you can generate organic (Unpaid) traffic.

Doing keyword research for finding profitable keywords for websites to generate relevant traffic for the business.

Publishing and writing content Search Engine Optimization friendly articles for providing the latest news about products and services.

Also, SEO Consultant in Chandigarh creates backlinks for the website. For increasing Domain Authority and Trust.


Benefit of Hiring SEO Consultant in Chandigarh

Hiring an SEO Consultant in Chandigarh is always profitable. Well it’s not an easy task for everyone to run a business online and rank it on the top of Google page. It requires patience and time to reach height. So, if you are looking forward to growing your business, hire an SEO Expert in Chandigarh.

SEO is not possible without proper skill and knowledge. So, the results can’t be achieved on your own, an expert is needed for search engine optimization. Here I mentioned the some points

ü It is beneficial to hire our SEO services. SEO Consultant only knows how to rank the page with proper knowledge and strategies. They help you to improve the performance of websites with deep expertise, knowledge and practice.

ü SEO experts use strategies and tactics to boost the conversion rate within a short interval of time. SEO is very successful if done with right guidance because competition is increasing at a fast pace.

ü SEO consultant in Chandigarh helps you to analyse customer behaviour, their interest, preferences, gender, region with the help of data analytics. This will help to target the right audience and generate revenue. For marketing, it’s important to know about the customer’s needs because the customer is the king of the market.

ü SEO is a challenging task and it needs expert advice to rank on the top. There are various rules such as Google algorithms which keep changing. So, to manage those changes and to avoid falling an SEO Expert in Chandigarh is required.

ü The work done by them not only manages time but also they focuses on only one thing i.e. SEO by keyword searches, data analytics and creative content, making backlinks, website performance.

Check out the Features inherited in a SEO Expert in Chandigarh.

You must be dynamic to explore more about your SEO Consultant in Chandigarh and take care of various listed measures, which you must consider before signing a contract with any SEO Expert in Chandigarh.

  • Experienced Team
  • Armed with Pro Tools and expertise
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Wonderful Work Culture
  • Data Mastery & Accuracy
  • Projects Completed
  • Google Reviews
  • Clients Testimonials
  • Consultancy own Website with latest tools and tactics
  • Consultancy Online Presence
  • Ideas Execution Strategy

Why Dinesh Jangid is Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh

As you read the above-mentioned features of a good SEO Consultant in Chandigarh. Dinesh Jangid offers the best of its services in Chandigarh to every of its clients.

Dinesh Jangid is offering best of class services to its clients as per the industry requirements. Key features possessed by Dinesh Jangid as the Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh as listed below:

  1. Expert and Professional Guidance, which cuts down your costs and time, spent for business promotion.
  2. Pro tools for your business application reduces your costs and increases your profits.
  3. Relevant work experience enhances productivity and increases customer satisfaction, as you need not to elaborate about your problems and issues repeatedly.
  4. Good customer reviews ensure a satisfied customer

Dinesh Jangid have more than 10 Years of practical experience in the field of Digital Marketing and great services like

  • Website Development 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Optimisation 
  • Content Writing
  • Google Ads 
  • ORM
  • Email Marketing 
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Funnel Creation 

Services provided by Dinesh Jangid as SEO Specialist in Chandigarh

  • Web Development – Developing a website in India is an act of high cost as web development agencies charge very high for developing a website. However, Dinesh Jangid, also known as the Best digital marketing consultant in Chandigarh creates your business website using WordPress CMS at very reasonable prices and super-fast delivery.
  • Tools of web development – Creating a website just for the sake-making website is not enough for a business in such a highly competitive market of India. Choosing the right tools for various applications and functions required in your business website is necessary. Dinesh Jangid uses all such tools and provides you amazing after-sales services as a keen advisor to grow your business considering cutthroat competitive marketing techniques in Bangalore.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – After Website development to gain traffic and increase your business leads and sales it is vital to do Search Engine Optimization for your business as per the requirement in your industry and competition in Chandigarh.

It is not necessary to take all steps in every business niche, the various steps to make your website popular depends upon the niche of your business and geographical area in a locality such as Chandigarh.

In addition, Search Engine Optimization is divided as per your industry competition and keywords you focus to target for ranking in Chandigarh.

  • Local Search Engine Optimization – Local SEO is helpful when your business is operating in a local location or with a geographical area of 50-60 kilometres of Bangalore such as Doctor, Confectionary Shop, etc.
    • On-Page Search Engine Optimization – This type of SEO technique impacts 70-80 % of business website rankings, Dinesh Jangid takes care of every tool and trick to rank you on the first page of SERP.
    • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization – This refers to connections that you build with others and maintain them to grow mutually in India or worldwide. Because in this case geography is not a constraint as the visitor comes to your website for the products or services you are offering.
  • Content Writing – Creative writing is the core concept of Search Engine Marketing, which attracts customers, and compels potential buyers to submit his/her contact details.
  • Content Marketing – Yet another great form of converting prospects into the actual customers in Chandigarh or your locality in which your business operates.
  • E-Commerce Marketing – If you are operating an e-commerce business and situated in Chandigarh then you have a great opportunity to sell online and increase your revenue with the help of techniques and tricks provided by Dinesh Jangid.
  • Social Media Optimization and Marketing – In this modern era of Digital Marketing Social Media has immense power to influence your target audience irrespective of your business physical location in India or elsewhere. The below listed social media platforms are having the amazing potential to generate more sales and revenue in your niche or industry.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Many More
  • Video Creation – Again it is a part of educating your customers and prospects not only in your locality like India but also worldwide as anyone sees those videos over the internet any time at any location over the world.
  • Sales Funnels – Targeting and Retargeting of your customers using the uniquely designed and handcrafted by Dinesh Jangid to drive more traffic and sales for your business.
  • Keyword Research – Targeting the proper search queries is necessary because if you target wrong keywords no usage for your business Dinesh Jangid has worked for almost every industry or closely monitored them to check the results and test the maximum.
  • Google search console and analytics – A Good Digital Marketer follows the real-time analytics of your website and traffic visiting your website irrespective of your physical office location in Chandigarh.
  • Brand Marketing & Lead Generation – Creating a good Brand Marketing Campaign to generate more quality leads your business to increase your revenue and sales figures both, Dinesh Jangid as a real-time business advisor helps you in every aspect of your business growth.
  • Online Reputation Management – Managing your social presence is the most important aspect when it comes to online marketing or Digital Marketing in this era of Digitization. As a SEO Expert in Chandigarh, Dinesh Jangid Helps you in growing and maintaining your Online Reputation.

How Much Dinesh Jangid Charges for SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

Frankly speaking, Quality work is directly proportional to the charges or cost incurred to finish that task if you are based in Chandigarh, SEO agencies charge very high prices for each and individual tasks performed on your behalf.


Charges in Search Engine Optimization as per the task you assign.

Like in SEO, the charges may vary as per the SEO difficulty of the keyword in your industry or you are targeting irrespective of your physical location in Chandigarh.

I assure you about the measurable quality work, fastest delivery, and visible results along with the minimum rate card, which was charged by Dinesh Jangid in Chandigarh.

Can I hire a freelancer SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

Yes of course, You can hire a freelancer or a SEO Expert as an employee for my business in Chandigarh?.


The desired results, which you are looking for will not be visible at the cost, which you will incur to achieve.

The reason behind this is self-explanatory if you read the above listed points carefully.


Let me explain it a bit more for you, why you should not hire a freelancer SEO Expert in Chandigarh.

You may hire a freelancer in Chandigarh at very economical rates, but you will lose at followings

  • No relevant experience
  • No Professional Tools and expertise to use them
  • No more ideas to optimize the strategy
  • Loss on the part of good work culture
  • Lose the benefits of a team of experts
  • Never gives you the industry updates
  • No deep insights as doesn’t have pro tools
  • Looks economical but actually more costly
  • You have to indulge in the whole strategy creation process

Final words and conclusion at a glance about best SEO Expert in Chandigarh

If you are searching for a good SEO Expert in Chandigarh, then you must focus on the industry of your business.

Before hiring a SEO Consultant in Chandigarh, you must enlist the expectations first.


Enlist the benefits provided by a Freelancer Employee or SEO Expert in Chandigarh, compare the benefits of both and select for the better option.

While selecting a good SEO specialist in Chandigarh, always keep in mind the above listed advantages of Digital Marketing Agency and demerits of hiring a freelancer or freelancer as an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

Yes, if you are running a business online. Here the size of your business does not matter like if you have an education, institute, toy shop, cloth store, or parlour because every business is online and target audience is available over the internet through the mediums of social media websites, the geographical borders of Bangalore have been broken down and business has moved towards international exposure with the help of Dinesh Jangid as a best SEO Expert in Chandigarh.

What are the key benefits of a SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

A digital marketing consultant in India will help you in proper keyword research, targeting, retargeting, conversions, increasing sales, revenue, profits, penetration, and reducing the cost of marketing or advertising budget. A Digital Marketer maintains your online reputation over the internet beyond the geographical lines in India.

What are the demerits of hiring a freelancer as a Best SEO Consultant in Chandigarh?

Talking about the demerits of hiring a freelancer SEO Expert in Chandigarh is mainly due to the lack of the following resources:

No Professional Resources

No Expert Advice

No Team Work by experts as per domain

Lack of professional tools

No time commitments on delivery terms

On works ethics drafted

No work culture created

What key services are offered by a SEO Expert in Chandigarh?

A good SEO Expert in Chandigarh offers various expert services as referred to in your business industry in which you are targeting.

Website Development

Content Writing

Content Marketing

Brand Strategy Creation

Brand Positioning


Video Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO

On-Page SEO


Technical SEO

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console

Website Audit

Blog Monetization

Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

Lead Magnet

Email Marketing


Competitive Research

Website Audit

YouTube and Video Marketing

E-commerce SEO

and many more to come

These benefits are the most important part of the experience, which they impart to your business in Chandigarh for growth of your business in the relevant industry and competitive analysis.

Indeed, hiring Dinesh Jangid as your best SEO Expert in Chandigarh, India will help in formulating your brand strategy, implementing, and finally optimizing the strategy to gain more customers and profitability.


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