Cloudways Web Hosting Review in India – 2022 Coupon, Demo, Bonuses

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Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Search Engine Optimisation has more the 200 Ranking Factors, website speed is one of them. Recently Google has announced a new algorithm update that name is Page Experience. In the Page Experience Google mail focus on the three factors Core web vitals, Mobile Usability, and HTTPS (Security).

In theCore web vitals, Google focused on website speed FID (First Contentful Pain), CLS (cumulative layout shift), and LPC (Largest Contentful Pain).

LCP (largest Contentful paint): In the LPC How long it takes the page to render the largest visible element

FID (first input delay): How long it takes the web page to start responding to user actions.

CLS (cumulative layout shift): How much the web page UI shifts during page loading.

So, my today’s guide is dedicated to the Cloudways Web Hosting Review in India, In this guide I have covered various details like

  • What is Cloudways?
  • Features
  • Cloudways Interface
  • How Cloudway Different from Others?
  • How to Setup Cloudways Account?
  • How to Setup WordPress in Cloudays?
  • Price?
  • Coupon
  • Pros and Cons
  • My Opinion
  • Bonuses

lest jump into the Cloudways Web Hosting Review 2022.

Why Website Speed Matters?

For the better user experience speed of website matters,
let’s suppose
You are making a new website but your website pages take a longer time to open like 4-10 seconds. When a user searches for a keyword related to your website on Google, then your website keyword is shown on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Now, the user clicks on your website link but your web page take a time to open now, users couldn’t wait and he bounces back. This user behavior is called Bounce Rate. High bounce rate is not good for the website.
Now, Google notices this user behavior and down your SERP position one to ten.

So, if your website has good loading speed you have a good ranking on the Search Engine Result Page.

What is Cloudways?

Starting with a new idea of business, every new beginner has to keep his business where it can reach its targeted customers and Audience. Cloudways provides you with one of the best Cloud Based web hosting for eCommerce business with ease, so you can focus on business without any worry and hassle. Managing WordPress sites with fast web hosting help your business to sustain itself in the long run.

Overview – Cloudways is one of the hottest Cloud-based web hosting platforms right now. Cloudways gives you One of the best platforms that help to boost your eCommerce business. sites need web hosting services that can manage data at the surge of demanding market, in this case, Cloudways provides one of the best policies at affordable and easy to access payments.


Cloudways is one of the prominent providers which take for granted feature-rich service that gives freedom to work on your business and build a team. for all that you’ll need Cloudways gives you useful and best features of web hosting.  

  • Expert Support– for every problem that occurs at customer cloudways gives and makes sure that problem solving ends without any hassle. Cloudways gives you some of the best assistance via enganging  24/7  live chat, online ticketing, enhanced SLAs, Phone Access, Application level issues etc. 
  1. 24/7/365 Live chat : Solving any acccuring problem via live chat customer gets best assistance. With 24/7 Assistance you have an easy solution for your issues.
  2. Online Ticketing : with a support team of cloudways tracking of complex issues you  can check and submit them.
  3.  Enhanced SLAs :  by support system with live chat and online ticketing prioritize problems of customers.
  4. Server customization & configuration : catching configuration & to make server configuration changes are any time availability keeps you updated.
  5. Phone Access : senior Tech support engineer will help you personally via phone calls.
  6. Application level issues : any theme troubleshooting, server issues and email add-on, database, performance optimization related issues.
  7. Proactive Application monitoring : any application relation server hiccups and application measuring tools are available here.
  8. Close partnership : with the best support team engaging with customers is very helpful.
  9. Private Slack Channel : on private Slack channel, you can connect to senior support engineers.
  10. Fast Ticket Response time : highest priority ticketing reduced 4hr to 10 min in premium Support.
  • Performance :  Cloudways guarantee the best performance of your web hosting for real. Fast performance is especially needed for servers and applications that have needed maximum load. PHP 7 and Http2 support it keeps you on the best track of promised performance.
  1. Dedicated Environment :  Dedicated server environment  helps you to boost performance of site.
  2. SSD based Hosting : Fast SSD based hosting by Cloudways  reduces page load and keeps performance constant.
  3. Built in Advanced Caches : Cloudways provides stack caches memcached, varnish, Nignx to deliver expanding responses experience.
  4. PHP 7 ready servers : with PHP 7.2 ready supported servers a fast performance expected.
  5. Cloudways CDN :it is a fast service that makes performance very noticeable and easy to use.
  6. Auto healing managed cloud servers : Auto healing cloud server keeps site crashes very minimal and fast reboot.
  7.   Free WordPress cache Plugin : cloudways own Breeze plugin is preinstalled , it is fast responsive.
  8. Redis support : to get best performance redis helps a lot.
  9. Free Magento full page cache : this free cache increases the performance of magneto 1 .
  10. Pre Configured PHP – FPM : it speeds up your PHP environment with much performance.
  11. HTTP 2 Supported servers : it just increases communication between web servers and clients.
  • Security : Cloudways provides secure and safe servers to the customers and helps them out to be there for support . updated firewall security , security patches , and Bot function are must for every site protection from malicious and intruders.provided security features are simply needed for every user.
  1. Dedicated Firewall : OS based firewall helps you to keep any kind of malicious and intruders which can harm your site. 
  2. 1- click free SSL installation : built in,  encrypt SSL improves website security & stability.
  3. IP Whitelisting : reaching out to the restricted region and network  IP Whitelisting keeps your site on the track.
  4. Regular Security Patching : to manage secure cloud hosting regular os Based security poaching makes site vulnerability very less.
  5. Two-factor Authentication: TFA is one that keeps your server out of the reach of intruders.
  6. Bot Protection : Bot Protection function that makes any wordpress website strong as any malware, or attack being targeted on your server/site.
  • Choice : Cloudways let you choose availability of features and needs of making your custom servers  based on the affordable prices and budget. Cloud ways server’s choices for your website characteristics as you want, so modification will be there always.
  1. Renowned Iaas Providers:  Given option to choose various providers as Google, Amazon, Linode.
  2. Block Storage : Stretching out site servers storage, it is provided very seamlessly.  
  3. Seamless Vertical Scaling : scaling of your servers  with any affection on your customization.
  4. No-long term contract : payment charges for cloudways service is not any bounded contract based only pay for what you’ve used.
  5. Launch 10+ apps in1- click : you can launch multiple wordpress and magento sites and it will all be done with ease on the single server.
  6. All PHP Apps Supported : it supports all PHP based apps on your server.
  7. Multiple PHP Versions : All the PHP versions either are latest or old like 8 to 5.6.
  8. MySQL and MariaDB supported : Cloudways Servers Supports all versions of MySQL and MariaDB.Bbased on your switching between databases that actually works best  for your Application.
  9. Global Availability : To target a larger audience and viewer cloudways provides multiple data centres.
  • Collaboration: here in collaboration Cloudways provides a lot of features to you that actually works for your business and to make sure that you don’t face any kind of  slug that could hold you back from achieving goals. It gives you features like add team members, server transfer, Application and server cloning, and you’ll find them helpful.
  1. Git integration : You will get updated when git deployment codes for your live servers.
  2. SSH & SFTP Access : You will get secure Access servers, updated files & folders for your Apps.
  3. Application & Server Cloning :  making copies of your servers and application files is  always available, these features make your experience batter.
  4. One Account, Multiple teams :  Sometimes building specific teams for one, joining and adding team members  can be done without any problem.
  5. Projects : Project building and Assigning team members projects .
  6. Staging Area & URLs : cloudways gives you Dedicated staging area or environment to launch your apps.
  7.  Add team members:  for your servers and apps assigning work to your team members even in their location.
  8. Servers transfer: Cloudways optioning you to transfer servers in just 1 click away.
  9. Cloudways WP migration Plugin :shifting from sluggish servers to fast servers in just one click.    
  • Control: As a user every control of your hosting that you will need to make modification of application settings, UI changes restoring and backup application. Cloudways gives you the best controls that will give you freedom of changing UI , Server settings.
  1. Server setting & Packages via UI : This feature provides upgrade packages on the servers.
  2. 1-click backup & Restore : you can reach out to these features in just 1 click right away.
  3. Cron job manager : setting rules for cron jobs via cron job manager is a must use feature.
  4. WP- CLI Pre installed : powerful commands of WP- CLI  to control your wp Site.
  5. 1-click Stop App:  Cloudways gives an easy step to stop the app for your servers if any attack is targeted to a site.
  6. App setting Via UI : User Friendly Cloudways platform gives you control to make change settings in UI.
  7. Advanced / Custom varnish settings: to control varnish cache based on your  excluding or including urls or cookies.
  8. Supervisord Queue Manager : control process for laravel Application.
  9. Change Application Webroot: sifting your application or wp files on just simple steps.
  • Integration & Addons:  Cloudways provides you important and useful Addons that will keep helping improve and increase flexibility of servers tasks. Cloudways bots channels , integration addons to cloud convenience through various  web services.
  1. Cloudways Bots Channels: Bots will keep you updated via slack, hip chat.
  2. Cloudways API: cloudways API makes your solution to controlling platforms  and Managing Servers.
  3. Application Migration Addon: it is application database Migration service in minimal time done by migrate experts.
  4. SMTP Addon: simple service to deliver email from the servers.
  5. Rackspace Email Add-on: Paid service of cloud based Email secure  by Rackspace.
  6. Application Upgrade Add-on: low time on area base all apps Performance by experts.
  7. DNS Made Easy Addon: An avoidable premium service that will redirect all traffic on secondary IP.
  8. Cloudways Support Add-on : Premium Support system and Assistance from cloudways.
  • Monitoring : Cloudways provides you to your server monitoring tools to keep you updated on every single level that you’ll need.
  1. 24/7 Real time Monitoring : monitoring your servers performance and statics in real time.
  2. Your New relic Integration : App performance  and troubleshooting issues that are bottlenecking your site , app.
  3. Cloudways Bots : It will send you important Notification  from AI base assistance.

Cloudways interface

Cloudways interface as you get your hosting, you will find it very easy to use at every tab. Right after the login window shows many key tabs that are very well informed and going under every control, there is a search tab where you can find and check server and application status. And there is a video that will navigate you to understand the usability of every tab task.

  1. Servers : this is a server status checkout that shows info ie. website server size, date of creation, joined team members and basic status.
  2. Application : it shows you which application is connected to your server.and you can add or recover applications.
  3. Teams : this shows and lets you control how to make and modify a team.
  4. Projects : it gives you the info of your site and the project of the server.

Cloudways shows you some other controls like Cloudways bot, addon, API.

Pricing & Plans

Cloudways offers you affordable plans and prices for every budget as per the need of apps or site hosting. Datacenter available as the plan you choose and These hosting rates are simply very understandably on the point as to what feature and security they provide. These plans are available as your need of business and site, you can pay by monthly and hourly, how big is your work and what kind of data you’ll gonna submit, some of the plan details.

Server NameRAM ProcessorStorageBandwidthMonthly Price
DO1GB1GB1 core25 GB1TB$10/m
DO2gb2GB1 core50 GB2TB $22/m
DO4GB4GB2 Core80 gb 4TB$42/m
DO8GB8GB 4Core160 GB5TB$80/m
DO16GB16GB6 core320GB6TB$135/m
DO32GB32GB8 core640GB7TB$230 /m
DO64GB64GB16 core1280GB9TB$392/m
DO98GB98GB20 core1920GB10TB$555/m
DO128GB128GB24 core2560GB11TB$760/m
DO192GB192GB32 core3840GB12TB$1035/m

How to Make Cloudways Account in Free?

Please follow the step by step points to make your free 3 days trial Cloudways web hosting account

  • First of all goto the link
  • Now, click on the “Get Started Free” button
  • Enter you correct details like Name, Email, Password and Question’s answer
  • Now, enter the Promo Code that is “DINESH786“.
  • After the filled the information click on the start free button.

Congratulations you 3 days free Cloudways Account has been created. now follow the next paragraph for the setup Cloudways server.

How to Setup Cloudways Server

My Cloudways Web Hosting Review also help you to setup server please follow the guide

Now, under the deploy your managed application you can see the Application and Server Details on your computer screen

Step 1: Choose your application like WordPress, Wocommerce PHP then Name Your Managed App like “my website” then Name Your Managed Server and select your to project. Please leave it black.

Step 2: Now, you need to choose your server as per your budget. In the Cloudways you can see the five servers DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. I personally recommend the please choose the DigitalOcean for your website Because its cheap than others.

Step 3: Choose your server size, you can choose a minimum of 1 GB to 192 GB server size in Cloudways. Please select the server size as per the requirements. I personally recommend the select minimum 2 GB server size. Interesting thing is that You can always scale your server size whenever required.

Step 4: Now, choose your server location, in the Cloudways you will find 8 server locations London, San Francisco, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Bangalore. Choose your server location as per your country. Suppose I live in India then I will choose Bangalore because my targeting country is India.

Step 5: Now the final setup launches your server. Keep in mind before the launch server please verify your email address.

Cloudways Coupon Code

If you are planning to buy Cloudways hosting plan then you need a coupon code. Here I am providing the Cloudways Web Hosting Coupon Code, using this coupon you can get 20% off on your hosting plan.

Coupon Code: DINESH786

Cloudways Web Hosting Pro & Cons

Fast and SecureNot for Beginners
Install Multiple Domain in One ServerLittle Bit Expensive
Free SSL 
Auto Backup 
Free CDN 
Free Website Migration 
Free Breeze Cache Plugin 
Dedicate Server in Cheap Price 
Excellent Customer Support 
3 Days Free Trial Available 

My Opinion

I want good website speed then go for Cloudways I know that it’s a little bit expensive but trust me it’s amazing web hosting and excellent customer support. I hosted 2-3 websites on Cloudways on a single server.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a cloud-based web hosting service provider. Cloudways provide a fast and secure for your business processes on Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and DigitalOcean.

Is Cloudways Worth to buy?

If you are a serious businessman and blogger then I definitely say that Cloudways is for you. I know it is a little bit expensive but it provides amazing UP Time, Excellent Support, Easy Installation, and more.

Is Cloudways faster than SiteGround?

Yes, of course, Cloudways is faster than SiteGround because Cloudways provides Cloud-based hosting, and SiteGroud provides shared hosting.

Is Cloudways Good for WordPress?

Yes, it’s an amazing web hosting for WordPress websites.

Is Cloudways Good for Beginners?

I must say it will be good for beginners or maybe not for beginners because it is much expensive than others. If you are passionate about your work then go for it.

How long is Cloudways trial?

Cloudways provide a 3 days trial for the first user.

What is Price of Clouwasy?

The price depends on which type of server you are going to buy but the minimum price of Clouways is 10$.

Is Cloudways provide the free SSL?

Yes, Cloudways provide a free SSL certificate.

How much Website i can install in one server?

As per Cloudways, you can install an unlimited website on a single server.

Can choose Indian server in Cloudways?

Yes, you can choose the Bangalore server location.

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